Ontario, Quebec - Mushroom Excursions

Eric G. Snyder ae924 at FreeNet.Carleton.CA
Fri Aug 19 17:51:02 EST 1994

Sunday, Aug 21, 1994:  10:00am
Montobello, Que.  Meet at the tourist information kiosk. Bring a lunch.
Michel Paquette (423-5110)

Sunday, Aug 28, 1994:  10:00am
Bowman, Quebec (Camp des Rangers).  Meet at Val-des-Bois, route 307 north
of Buckingham near the Post Office.  1 hr 10 minutes from Hull.  France
Biron (777-2743)

Saturday, Sept 10, 1994: 10:30am
Brennan's Hill, Quebec. Meet at Brennan's Hill Restaurant parking lot. 
Bring a lunch. Michele and Jean-Claude Robitaille. 

Saturday, Sept 17, 1994:  9:00am
Salon du Champignon. Masham, Quebec.  Meet at the covered bridge at the
entrance to Lac Philippe.  You are invited to visit a number of sites and
habits of the region followed by a presentation of fresh specimens.
Francoise Pettigrew (778-2076)

Sunday, Sept 18, 1994:  10:00am to 6:00pm
Tenth Salon du Chamignon.  At the Jacques Auger Cultural Centre, 39, rue
Leduc in Hull. 

Saturday, Sept 24, 1994 10:30am
Val-des-Bois, Que.  Meet at the Notre-Dame-de-la-Salette church on
autoroute 50 outside of Buckingham (at highway 309).  1 hr 10 minutes from
Hull.  Bring a lunch. Madeleine and Christian Ollivier. 

Saturday, Oct 1, 1994:  9:30am
L'Ange-Gardien, Quebec.  Meet in the parking lot of the METRO shop in
Buckingham.  Bring a lunch. Robert and Jean Rutka. 

Saturday, Oct 8, 1994
Messines, Que.  Meet at 10:30 at the entrance to the village of Bouchette
on 105 north. 1 hr 30 minutes from Hull.  Bring a lunch Cecile and Martin
Rossignol (771-4971)

Sunday, October 16, 1994:  9:30am
Larose Forest, Prescott-Russell.  Meet at the Vars exit on 417 in the
direction of Montreal.  25 minutes from Ottawa.  Bring a lunch. 

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