Bionet.mycology: mushroom-hunting, recepies etc?

Edward Gosfield gosfield at
Fri Aug 19 16:22:39 EST 1994

: The Mycology Newsgroup was originally set up by mycologists and fungal
: geneticists to facilitate exchange of scientific information about the
: fungi.  Of course, lay mushroom hunters and other enthusiasts are welcome
: to "listen in" and contribute scientific comments and questions.  However,
: if you would like have a discussion group centered around mushroom
: collecting, recipes etc, I think it would best be set up as a separate
: newsgroup.

: What do others who use the Mycology newsgroup think?

I would like to see both groups in existence.  Having no scientific
expertise in mycology, but a reasonable 'educated layperson" background in
genetics, molecular bio etc, I would enjoy the opportunity to observe
mycologists doing their thing without undue interference from those of us
whose questions might be too elementary and distracting.  A number of other
'sci.*" newsgroups have sadly devolved due to the overwhelming presence of
legitimate (?) but inappropriate 'lay' posts.  

On the other hand, as a mushroom hunter, eater, photographer, and lover of
approx the last 20 years, i would also like the opportunity to confer,
converse, and otherwise hobnob with my fellow hobbyists, in an oppropriate
group. If we have some technical mycological questions it has been my
experiencce that many of the academic mycologists are also hobbyists (OK
Miller, Trappe, Bigelow (RIP),et al) and some academics will probably drop
in from time to time if the rec.mushrooms group isn't too devoted to
psychedelics(nothing personal intended) or irresponsible advice.

How could this be accomplished?


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