Bionet.mycology: mushroom-hunting, recepies etc?

Brett Tyler bmtyler at UCDAVIS.EDU
Fri Aug 19 11:25:35 EST 1994

At 12:40 PM 8/19/94 +0000, Timo Harmo wrote:
>I have just found this newsgroup. This looks very interesting, but
>before advertize this for our mushroom-enthusiasts I would
>like to ask about the purpose of this group. Is this meant for mycological
>discussions, or is there room for lay mushroom hunters (who respect mycology
>as a science also, naturally) to discuss things related to mushroom-hunting,
>exchange recepies and tricks for conserving mushrooms etc.?
>Or would the mycologists rather see us forming a separate group, rec.mushrooms 
>or something like that? 
>We have a rather active group of around 100 mushroom-hunters in a local group,
>and I believe quite many would be interested also in international contacts
>(comparisons of variaties of mushrooms and of amount of harvest etc.)
> -Timo Harmo

The Mycology Newsgroup was originally set up by mycologists and fungal
geneticists to facilitate exchange of scientific information about the
fungi.  Of course, lay mushroom hunters and other enthusiasts are welcome
to "listen in" and contribute scientific comments and questions.  However,
if you would like have a discussion group centered around mushroom
collecting, recipes etc, I think it would best be set up as a separate

What do others who use the Mycology newsgroup think?

Brett Tyler
bmtyler at

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