Bionet.mycology: mushroom-hunting, recepies etc?

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Mon Aug 22 12:02:15 EST 1994

In article <339ip9$e5d at> Kari Tuovinen <kjt at> writes:
>Let's not split the group as of yet, because the volume is still
>very low. The current volume simply does not justify the establising 
>of another group. Also this scientific basis of fine for laymen to
>learn something new.
I agree that this is true.  One thing I would like to add though is a
request about headers.  Thusfar posters have been good at clearly
identifying colleting/forey/cooking topics in the header line.  As
long as this continues, there should bee no problem in keeping all
mycological topics in this group.  I am one of those people who does
mycology (microbial ecology and ecophysiology) for a living but who
is an enthusiastic eater and occasional collector of mushrooms!
Naturally, I am pleased to see both areas here.

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R. Peter Herman
Biology, NM State UNiv

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