Chanterelle season (was Mushroom forays (north/south?))

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Mon Aug 22 17:15:01 EST 1994

A perspective from central California coast.

Steven Carpenter (microbe at CSOS.ORST.EDU) wrote:
: A number of mycorrhizal
: mushrooms (including chantrelles) come up in the Pacific Northwest well
: in advance of wet weather - where I live, for example, the summers are
: characterized by seasonal drought (no rain for about 3 months), yet
: we are now seeing chantrelles and other mycorrhizal edibles.  As the
: rains progress in the coming months, there will be more mushrooms.  

For us in the Santa Cruz area there is a really big difference between
the fruiting times of Cantharellus and Craterellus.  Cantharellus
cibarius and subalbidus (the yellow and white chanterelle
respectively) grow throughout our season.  Starting as early as
September if we get some rain and continuing through April.  The peak
is typically sometime in January, but there are often big flushes
before this.  Of course we also get the ledgendary west coast monster
chanterelles.  It is not unusual to find half pound specimens and I
have seen one that weighed in at 2 pounds and was over a foot across!
I also understand that ours are not nearly as flavorful as the east
coast variety which I find quite easy to believe.

: grun (fgrun at wrote:
: :       We've noticed in past years when Black Trumpets have been
: : plentiful in the NY/CT region, that the major first flush of mushrooms
: : occurs in late July/early August.
: : (cf Pacific Northwest - I've heard that
: : Black Trumpet season is in Jan/Feb (??) on the Olympic Peninsula;
: : climate is mild maritime. Any comments from someone out there ?)

Craterellus species (cornucopioides and fallax) here, on the other
hand, are rarely seen before our cold season (January) and have their
peak in March.  Hence I always associate them with cold weather rather
than heat.
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