Black Yeasts?

John A Gerrath jagerrat at
Mon Aug 22 22:54:59 EST 1994

I'm doing a survey of lithic algae here in Ontario and am (of course) 
picking up a great deal of fungi in the first stage of culturing.  Most 
of the fungi are pretty easy to peg, but (again of course) some are 
fairly strange.  Many of these have elicited the response "black 
yeasts".  What are black yeasts?  Where are they, taxonomically speaking, 
within the fungi?  Are they fungi?  What is a good source for identifying 
them?  I'm getting some types exclusively from lichen fruiting bodies, is 
this odd?   Why/why not?  Please stop me from asking more questions!

Thanks in advance.

John Gerrath,
jagerrat at

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