Asilomar program?

Lisa Vaillancourt lvaillan at MOOSE.UVM.EDU
Tue Aug 23 20:37:06 EST 1994

Hi All,

Can anyone tell me when the registration and program will be sent out for
the Asilomar conference next March?  How do I get one?  Thanks so much!  

P.S. Regarding the discussion about splitting the mycology newsgroup into
two groups, one "recreational" and one "scientific" (could science also be
recreational!?!): I think it would be fine to leave the group as it is.
When I have a little free time, I enjoy reading about the different
mushrooms folks find on their forays, although I am too timid yet to eat
most of those I identify in the wild!  So until the volume becomes a
problem, I vote to leave it alone.  At the same time, I would like to read
more from my professional colleagues in this group, even chatty stuff about
the latest weird result.  Is it that people don't want to appear
unprofessional by communicating preliminary or unexplained data?   

P.S.S.  Some time back, I posted to this group asking about Novozyme. 
Thanks to all those who wrote with advice.  The final result of the
investigation is that there is something in the current batch of Novozyme
that doesn't agree with Schizophyllum, although it appears to be fine for
other fungi.  I am now using a USB product called Mureinase that works very
well for us.


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