paul stamets & FUNGI PERFECTI is on-line

Stamets 1 stamets1 at
Wed Aug 24 12:31:03 EST 1994

I am finally onto Internet. My address is "" For those of
are interested in cultivating gourmet and medicinal mushrooms, we have
expertise and an extensive culture library as well as many other items of
For a free color brochure, (not able to download), provide us with a
mailing address. For our 80 page catalogue, more geared to mycological
laboratories and
the commercial cultivation of mushrooms, which sells for $ 3.00 (US) plus
$ 1.44
for shipping, we can bill you. 

Thanks to all of you who encouraged me to join!    Keep the mycelium

paul stamets 

ps: Our fax number is 206-426-9377. 

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