Purpose of this news group.

Steven Carpenter microbe at CSOS.ORST.EDU
Tue Aug 23 21:59:14 EST 1994

I think you ought to leave well enough alone.  As stated, there is so
little traffic anyway, who cares??  Why clutter the net up with yet
another dichotomy when this one is working fine.  If your original
purpose hasn't been served, it is clear another one has been discovered.
In addition, there is no reason both interests couldn't post to a group
with such a small traffic load.  I wouldn't find it reasonable to split
unless I found a couple of hundred posts I had to wade through.

Yes, mycologists are shy.  They need a healthy dose of powder-milk
biscuits before they dare post.

-Steve Carpenter
 Abbey Lane Laboratory
 microbe at csos.orst.edu

Gregory May (gsmay at bcm.tmc.edu) wrote:
: 	This posting is in response to the discussion that has been initiated 
: regarding what sorts of things are appropriate to post on bionet.mycology.  
: As the original "discussion leaders" for this group this seemed like a good 
: opportunity to briefly review the history of the group and why it was set up 
: in the first place.  This group came out of a discussion at the Fungal 
: Genetics Conference in Asilomar in March of 1993.  The idea was for people 
: with diverse interests in fungal genetics and mycology to have a forum for 
: electronic interactions.  This would give people a place to easily reach a 
: broad group of people to send such things as meeting announcements, 
: recruiting information, scientific questions, etc..  Since its inception 
: about 1 year ago, I would say the vast majority of the traffic in this 
: newsgroup has related to "mushroom hunting" discussions.  To date this has 
: not been an overwhelming load and, at least for those who subscribe using a 
: newsreader, this is not a hindrance to the group.  However, we think a large 
: increase in traffic related to mushroom recipes and the like would probably 
: completely eliminate use by the people the newsgroup was originally set up 
: to serve.  Thus, we support the idea of setting up a group on rec.mushrooms 
: for such nonscientific pursuits.  Messages felt appropriate for both groups 
: can always be posted to both.

: 	There remains a question of why so little of the traffic in bionet.mycology 
: is related to the issues we felt the newsgroup should be set up to address.  
: Does this come out of:  1) a lack of need for such a group?;  2) an 
: uncertainty about what sorts of things should be discussed?;  3)  "shyness" 
: about displaying ignorance?; or 4) some combination of all of these?  While 
: many of these problems can not really be addressed, some can.  The present 
: discussion seems like a good opportunity for people to say what sorts of 
: things they would like to see discussed on bionet.mycology and what sorts of 
: things could help each of us keep up with the field.  

: 	One suggestion that we would like to make is that this forum could be used 
: to help keep up with the literature.  We propose that people post the Title, 
: Abstract, and upcoming Publication Date for journal articles from their labs 
: as soon as they are considered In Press and publication dates are known.  

: 	Certainly there are other things people would like to see on this board.  
: Lets have some suggestions and try to get this bulletin board more active 
: for its original purpose.

: Tom Adams

: Greg May

: Leland Ellis

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