Eighteenth Fungal Genetics Conference

Richard Weiss rlw at ARGON.CHEM.UCLA.EDU
Wed Aug 24 13:24:40 EST 1994

Hi All,

A correction to my previous message.  The Eighteenth Fungal Genetics
Conference will be held on the Asilomar Conference Grounds, Pacific Grove,
California from March 21-26, 1995 (Tuesday - Sunday).  Information and
forms are being mailed with the Fungal Genetics Newsletter which is either
in the mail or will be mailed shortly.  In addition, the information and
forms will be mailed to participants of the 1993 meeting.  If you are not
on either of these mailing lists or do not receive the information in the
next few weeks, I will be happy to send the information to you.  I can be
contacted as shown below.

Dick Weiss
Dept. of Chemistry & Biochemistry
Los Angeles, CA  90024-1569
Tel. (310) 825-3621
FAX  (310) 206-4038
Email rlw at argon.chem.ucla.edu or 
      rlw at chem.ucla.edu

PS  I will reply to all Email requests, but will mail the information.

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