Asilomar program and attendance

Dan Ebbole dje0282 at SUMMA.TAMU.EDU
Wed Aug 24 13:05:33 EST 1994

Maybe one topic for discussion ought to be specifically how the Fungal
Genetics Conference is arranged.  Because of the ever increasing attendance
of the meeting we are now forced to have several concurrent sessions.  I
would ask that sessions dealing with Neurospora, Aspergillus, and
Magnaporthe (as there were at the last meeting) not be held at the same
time since it is very important for me to keep up with work on all three.

Also, last time in the Magnaporthe workshop, we discussed preparing a
methods and protocol book for Magnaporthe (I think).  Should we try to get
semi-organized now so that at the conference we can essentially put such a
manual together and discuss specifically what is to be included?

>The Eighteenth Fungal Genetics Conference will be March 21-28, 1995. 
>Information will be included in the mailing of the Fungal Genetics Newsletter.
> Those who  do not subscribe to the newsletter can obtain information and
>forms from me.  
>Please send your name and address and I will mail all the available
>Dick Weiss

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