Asilomar Meeting Information/FGN 41

Craig Wilson FGSC%UKANVM.bitnet at VM42.CSO.UIUC.EDU
Wed Aug 24 12:55:08 EST 1994

Lisa Vaillancourt asked when notices for the 1995 Asilomar Fungal Genetics
meeting might be sent and who is responsible for sending them.  The answer is
that FGSC has the notices prepared by Dick Weiss.  They will be sent to all
Fungal Genetics Newsletter subscribers along with the Newsletter.  The q
question of when the Newsletter will be ready is the current cause of
considerable wailing and gnashing of teeth.  The newsletter was delivered to
the printer July 5.  I returned from vacation Monday (8/22) and was startled
to find the finished product had not been delivered in my absence.

A first phone call to the printer yielded the news that nothing had been done
with it.  A second call determined the pages are printed but have not been
bound and I received a promise it would be done by September 16.  After certain
threats of violence were made, I was told extra people would be brought from
the state of Kansas print shop so that I could receive delivery by Sept. 2.

There we stand.  I apologize to all subscribers for this delay, but this has
never happened in nine years of having the KU print shop produce FGN.

Newsletters and Asilomar notices should reach you all by mid-September.  If
you are not a FGN subscriber, contact the stock center and we will send you
information about the Asilomar meeting to be held next March.

The mailing address is: Fungal Genetics Stock Center
                        Dept. of Microbiology
                        Univ. of Kansas Medical Center
                        Kansas City, KS 66160-7420
                        phone 913-588-7044
                        fax   913-588-7295
                        e-mail fgsc at

Craig Wilson

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