Amateur Mushroom growing

Thu Aug 25 08:06:16 EST 1994

>        I am looking for a CA - SF Bay Area (pref) group
>devoted to amateur Mushroom growing. I found a book called 'The
>Mushroom Cultivator' by Stamets & Chilton, and it hasn't
>scared me away. (yet!)
>        I'd like to meet with people who actually do this
>before trying my hand at it. My interest is in raising some
>edible varieties (not psilocybe..) for fun & profit.
>                        Kestas
Try calling your county ag extension agent and see if they know of
anyone doing any mushroom "farming". If that doesn't work, try the
state dept. of agriculture. Somebody in California should be doing
this, and may be willing to show you their operation.

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