Black Yeasts?

John A Gerrath jagerrat at
Wed Aug 24 21:44:28 EST 1994

Peter Herman x5495 (rpeter at wrote:
: In article <33bruj$728 at> jagerrat at (John A Gerrath) writes:
: >I'm getting some types [BLACK YEASTS] exclusively from lichen fruiting 


: I suspect that your isolates from lichens are on the lichen rather
: than the fungal partner in the lichen.  

Yep.  I didn't figure that they were actually part of the symbiosis, a 
parasite was more along my thought lines.  I do find most of the yeasts 
everywhere (actually most often BELOW the surface, but perhaps they just 
show up better because the rock screens out most other things) but I find 
one particular type almost always on the yellow fruiting bodies of a 
crustose microlichen (no ident. on it, sorry).  Are Black Yeasts generally 
like other yeasts in their habits and ecology?  I gather from your post 
that they do not have any symbiotic attachments with anything.  I may be 
a Botanist (I am), but these fungi are making me crazy with questions!

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