Bionet.mycology: mushroom-hunting, recepies etc?

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Sat Aug 27 17:47:36 EST 1994

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Marshall Landman <mlandman at EFN.ORG> wrote:
>On 19 Aug 1994, Brett Tyler wrote:
>> At 12:40 PM 8/19/94 +0000, Timo Harmo wrote:
>> >I have just found this newsgroup. This looks very interesting, but
>> >before advertize this for our mushroom-enthusiasts I would
>> >like to ask about the purpose of this group. Is this meant for mycological
>> The Mycology Newsgroup was originally set up by mycologists and fungal
>> geneticists to facilitate exchange of scientific information about the
>> fungi.  Of course, lay mushroom hunters and other enthusiasts are welcome
>> to "listen in" and contribute scientific comments and questions.  However,
>> if you would like have a discussion group centered around mushroom
>> collecting, recipes etc, I think it would best be set up as a separate
>> newsgroup.
>> What do others who use the Mycology newsgroup think?
>I have found some of the discussions on the newsgroup too scientific for 
>my interests.  I too am more interested in the growing/mushroom hunting 
>aspects of mycology.  I would be very interested to see a newsgroup 
>dediated to hunting/growing of mushrooms.
>Anyone out ther know hot to go about starting a new newsgroup?  Is anyone 
>interested in taking the lead?
>I'll keep tuned in.  Thanks, Marshall Landman

i would welcome a separate newsgroup on mushroom hunting/growing.
however, until such a thing happens, we'll have to be content with
co-existing in this newsgroup.  trying to boot out or discourage the
non-scientists from participating in this newsgroup would be a

btw, being a lay mushroom hunter does not imply any lack of scientific
sophistication or lack of interest in the more scientific
aspects/implications of non-academic mycology.

/al guintu

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