A message to the bionet.mycology news group.

Gregory May gsmay at bcm.tmc.edu
Mon Aug 29 13:52:19 EST 1994

As the moderators of the bionet.mycology news group we would like to make 
the following requests.  

1.   We encourage all participants of this news group to submit abstracts of 
their manuscripts that were published in 1994 or are in press.  Be sure to 
include relevant information about Journal, volume, etc. if available.  

2.   We ask those making a request to the community, to post a summary of 
the responses they get by email.  Related to this, we would like to have 
everyone post their responses to the network.  This way everyone can follow 
the discussion.  On occasion there are times when one would like to know the 
answer to a question as a point of information.  Your responses to questions 
can thus be of great help to other readers.

3.  Be sure that every entry onto the newsgroup includes your email address 
to allow easy responses.

In an effort to make this group a little friendlier to newcomers, we will 
post at the first of each month a message that details how one can 
participate fully in the group.  Questions about how one posts using email 
and things of that nature will be in this posting.  Be patient as we put 
this together.  We have taken this suggestion from Robert Brambl's posting.  
If others have suggestions as to what information they think would be useful 
please send one of us email or post a response to this message.

Greg May
gsmay at bcm.tmc.edu

Tom Adams
tom at bio.tamu.edu

Leland Ellis
leland at straylight.tamu.edu

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