FGN 41 update/use of bionet.mycology

fgsc at kuhub.cc.ukans.edu fgsc at kuhub.cc.ukans.edu
Mon Aug 29 15:56:58 EST 1994

Fungal Genetics Newsletter 41 has been delivered by the printer. 
Unfortunately, they reproduced a page of photographs in such a way
as to make the figure unreadable.  Our proposed solution is to redo
the page in an appropriate manner and send it along with the
Newsletters.  To do this we will need the original page which the
printer has not yet returned.

My hope is that the newsletter will be mailed later this week but my
hopes haven't been worth much lately.

Much discussion of what constitutes legitimate use of this newsgroup
has been made recently, at the same time notes were posted by myself
and others explaining that information for the 1995 Asilomar
conference will be mailed by FGSC along with FGN 41.  The flurry of
mail I have received in response to these posts, including requests
from about 10 people wanting to add their name to the newsletter
mailing list, indicates that no matter who posts to the group, there is
a large number of fungal geneticists reading it.

As for the number of "amateur" mycophiles, I agree with Dan Ebbole
that if there is a problem, it isn't the relatively large number of posts
from amateurs, but the lack of posts from professionals.  I know some
amateurs (Hi Celina) who read this group, and given the light total
traffic here, see no reason to exclude them.  I wonder how many
people subscribe via e-mail, as opposed to using a news reader.  Using
the latter method, a large number of posts can quickly be scanned,
with no maintenance work to be done on your mail queue.  Leland
Ellis has included a link to bionet.mycology in his IBT server, and I
have put one in the FGSC server, so all you need is WWW access to
read the group if you lack a news reader.  Let me know if the FGSC
link fails to behave itself.

Craig Wilson
Dept. of Microbiology
Univ. of Kansas Medical Center
KC KS 66160-7420
fgsc at ukanvm.cc.ukans.edu

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