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Mon Aug 29 15:24:06 EST 1994

I've been reading the discussion about FP and commercial uses of the net.
As one reader pointed out, the newsgroups are not the appropriate place to
launch into commercial advertisements. A reply was made that the internet
is now going commercial, and thus the comment did not apply. While that is
true, the newsgroups ARE NOT the place for that. There are other sections
of the internet devoted to this purpose.

I suggest that while it is appropriate to provide an address or phone
number for someone who is looking for that material, FP should refrain from
publicly answering questions with "you can read it in my book....which you
may purchase via... and we have a free catalog"

Rather the correct form would be for FP to simply state that anyone wishing
further information should email them directly. In addition, FP should
contact said party via private mail.

I think this will avoid any future conflict. There really are some rules of
etiquette out there ladies and gentlemen, and it would be nice for all
concerned to head them :-)

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