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Carol S. Enderlin enderc at ESSEX.HSC.COLORADO.EDU
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-----------MOLBIO.TXT follows---------------

San Antonio, Texas

Seeking molecular biologist (Ph.D. or postdoctorate level) to develop a
recombinant vaccine against the fungal pathogen Coccidioides immitis.
Project involves developing a cDNA or genomic library, screening the
library(s) with oligonucleotide and antibody probes, subcloning and
expression of gene, and evaluating immunoprotective properties of the
recombinant peptide using a murine model for coccidioidomycosis.

Salary is $36,108.  Interested applicants should contact...

Dr. Rebecca Cox or
Dr. Mitch Magee
Dept. of Research Immunology
Texas Center for Infectious Diseases
San Antonio, TX 78240

Phone   (210-534-8857)
FAX     (210-532-7791).
Email   MMagee at tcid.tdh.texas.gov

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