Kombuche questions

Marcangelo B. Puccio mpuccio at u.washington.edu
Sat Dec 3 15:04:30 EST 1994

I have heard a small amount about this stuff...and have checked it out on 
a microscope.  In any case, I doubt it would survive dehydration, as it 
is a polyculture of several organisms - bacteria, yeast, some filamentous 
fungi and who knows what else.  I would hesitate to consume it - simply 
because some "molds" produce incredibly toxic material, and the various 
components of the kombucha haven't (as far as I know) been identified.  
Evidently, though it does show some antibiotic properties.  If you like 
to consume antibiotics recreationally, well go for it.  Paul Stamets put 
it rather well in a paper he compiled on the subject:  "If it aint broke, 
don't fix it..." etc.

A student in a mycology class I TA'd swore by the stuff, and would be 
scoffing at my skepticism if he saw this note.  I don't know about the 
metal or the other beverages. 

Why not eat Shiitake or Grifola, if you're looking for putative 
health-stimulating fungi?

Hope this helps, and take it with a grain of salt, as most of this is 
third-hand info.

-Marcangelo Puccio
 Graduate student, University of Wasington

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