lcalhoun at utkvx.utk.edu lcalhoun at utkvx.utk.edu
Mon Dec 5 00:36:21 EST 1994

Hello.  I need some help with a project for my Crop Physiology/Ecology
course.  Our assignment is to post a question on the internet and to give an
informal report about the replies we've received.  My question is also interest
related, so any information would be doubly appreciated.
Does anyone have information on tomatoes and disease resistance to Fusarium
oxysporum?  I am mostly interested in disease mechanisms.  Might phytoalexins
and/or hypersensitive response play a role in the mechanisms?  I can and will
do a literature search on the above question, however for now, my assignment is
to try to get replies from the internet.  Thank you. 
Lori Calhoun
The University of Tennessee @ Knoxville
Plant and Soil Science
lcalhoun at utkvx.utk.edu

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