Postdoc available, fungal molecular genetics

Carlene Raper craper at MOOSE.UVM.EDU
Thu Dec 8 11:45:31 EST 1994

Seeking Postdoc

who yearns to fathom the mysteries of sex in a fungus with multiple mating
types.  Funding guaranteed for one year with possibility of continuation
for two more years. Start date as early as Jan. 15, 1995.  Qualified
candidates must have experience in genetics and molecular biology.

We have isolated and sequenced several putative pheromone and pheromone
receptor genes that reside in the two multispecific B mating-type loci of
the Basidiomycete Schizophyllum commune.  These genes encode molecules for
recognition of self versus many nonselves resulting in the initiation of a
defined pathway of sexual development leading to dikaryosis and mushroom
production.  Many mutants are available to study this process at the
molecular level.  The initial parts of this research will involve DNA
sequencing and sequence analyses, in vitro mutagenesis, and identification
of genes thought to be part of a signal transduction pathway, downstream of
the pheromone/receptor interactions.  Experiments designed to identify and
locate gene products in the cell are also planned.  

Our lab is located in a new building, fully supplied with the necessary and
latest  equipment to carry out this research.  The Department, which has
tripled in size over the past few years, includes 24 faculty members
representing a wide variety of interests in molecular genetics including
signal transduction, morphogenesis and cell-cycle control in yeast, 
mechanisms of DNA damage and repair, transcription complexes, and ribozyme
function.  It provides a cooperative learning environment for students and
postdocs at all levels. 

If interested, please send letter of application, curriculum vitae,  names
and addresses -- including e-mail address and/or phone numbers -- of three
persons who can evaluate you as a candidate. If preferred, reply using
above e-mail address. 
                Dr. Carlene A. Raper
                Dept. Microbiology and Molecular Genetics
                The L. P. Markey Center for Molecular Genetics
                Stafford Hall, Tel. (802) 656-1115; Fax. (802) 656-8749 
                University of Vermont, Burlington VT 05405


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