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Gene Yetter gyetter at PANIX.COM
Mon Dec 12 01:11:27 EST 1994

Internet users with mycological interests may be familiar with the Telnet 
site,  Administered by USDA Systematic Botany and 
Mycology Lab, the site offers, among other references, an online index for 
Mycologia volumes 59-88.

I have volunteered to coordinate an effort to add volumes 1-58 to the
online Mycologia index.  The hardbound edition of the index covering these
volumes runs about 600 pages. 

I would like to have others join with me to share the workload.  I hope to
muster some assistance from among the members of the amateur mycology
groups that I belong to.  However support should not stop there: anyone
reading this announcement who recognizes the value of putting the
Mycologia index online, and who can lend some assistance, would also be 

The job will be done by "scanning" the original pages and converting the
images to text by means of OCR (optical character recognition) software. 
The scans are just about never perfectly clean, but usually require some
"cleaning up," which is about equal to proofreading and correcting normal 
errors in any typed text. 

It's laborious.  Not as laborious as retyping the original, but time
consuming nevertheless.  Each page takes about a minute in the scanner;
the clean-up per page can run to 10 or 15 minutes.  Times 600 pages . . . 
Working in my spare time over the past few weeks, I already have well over
100 pages scanned and about 20 cleaned up. 

Please reply if you can take responsibility for a set of pages.  I will
forward the scanned text, with clean-up required, to you via e-mail.  I
will then mail or fax copies of the originals.  When you are done with the
clean-up of your set of pages, you e-mail the corrected, proofed text back
to me.  When all pages are done and accounted for, I put them together and
send them to Amy Rossman and David Farr at USDA, Beltsville. 

The complete Mycologia index then goes online and becomes available to 
anyone logging in--at anytime, and from anywhere around the world--to the 
USDA Telnet site.

Keep in mind that the years covered by Mycologia volumes 1-58 represent a
dynamic period in the development of the literature and in the
documentation of the fleshy fungi of North America.  It will be very
useful to have the index of that work online and accessible. 

Hoping to hear from a few volunteers . . . 

Gene Yetter
New York Mycological Soc./New Jersey Myc. Assoc.

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