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Mon Dec 12 09:52:26 EST 1994

An on-line version of the Neurospora Compendium (Perkins et al.
1982.  Microbiological Reviews 46:426-570) can now be found in the
FGSC WWW server.  This has been made possible by the cooperation
of the Perkins lab and by permission from the American Society for

Some detail work remains to be done, but all the information from this
most useful article is intact, with the following caveats:

Due to my limited knowledge of hypertext, characters like arrows are
(poorly) simulated, and all temperatures are expressed without degree
signs (e.g. 25 C) as my limited list of substitute characters does not
include degree signs, nor does it show me any acceptable way to
produce superscripts or subscripts.  I will be happy to hear from any
readers in cyberland who can point me to a way to show such text on
the screen.

The article has been proofed for content and appearance using
Netscape.  I suspect some things may not look right if viewed with
early versions of Mosaic.  Let me know if anything seems especially
distorted and I'll try to fix it.

I can also report that all articles from Fungal Genetics Newsletter 41
for 1994 can be found in the FGSC server.  I'm working on FGN 40
and hope to have it complete before Christmas.

The address for all of this is:

FGSC stock lists are found first, with compendium, FGN reprints, and
other information below.  Please direct any comments and criticisms
to me at the address below.

Craig Wilson
fgsc at

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