Classification of Ascomycotina

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>I need help on the classification of the fungus Xyleria hypoxylon.
>Specifically can anyone provide me with the order and family?

>Thanks - I'm trying to help with my 7th grader's homework!!

Class Pyrenomycetes

Order Xylariales

Family Xylariaceae

Some homework for a 7th grader!


Farr, D.F., Bills, G.F., Chamuris, G.P. and Rossman, A.Y.  1989.
Fungi on Plant and Plant Products in the United States.  St. Paul, MN: APS 
Press, 1252 pp.

Alexopoulos, C.J. and Mims, C.W.  1979.  Introductory Mycology.  New York: 
John Wiley and Sons.  632 pp. (kind of old, but probably still OK).

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