Old vs. New Wood?

Bruno Pretto & Paula Vopni bpretto at io.org
Thu Dec 15 07:34:22 EST 1994

In article <brdotownD0Mpq9.AB9 at netcom.com> brdotown at netcom.com (brdotown at netcom.com) writes:

>I have seen various discussions concerning the use of cut logs for the 
>growth of Grifola frondosa and Shiitake. 

I grow shiitake commercially outdoors on oak logs. By using winter cut fresh 
logs and inoculating them in the spring I am having almost 100% success rate 
against other competitor fungi. 
I beleive that you would be wasing your time using old wood as it is already 
being affected by other organisms and has probrably dried out as well.


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