PSMS Mushroom Show Report

the Littlest Orc vicka at
Wed Dec 14 22:37:10 EST 1994

Just wanted to report back about the Puget Sound Mycological Society's
annual show, which was a real success!  We had almost 900 people attend
(200 of whom took guided tours), and 55 new members joined our club.

There were 250 species identified, and quite a number that weren't 
(especially within Agaricus; two of our best taxonomists unfortunately
weren't available to help out with the labelling).  We were fortunate
to have a *huge* (~3 feet!) rare polypore on display, as well as a
tremendous collection of chanterelles for our cooking exhibit :)  In
addition to the cooking display and the species exhibit (grouped by
spore color), there were several "environmental" exhibits (including
a "lawn" display with real chunks of lawn :), an arts-and-crafts
display featuring Coprinus-ink paintings, a video microscopy display,
a blacklight exhibit, a cultivation exhibit, a kind of "road show" version 
of Paul Stamets and Fungi Perfecti, and a raffle.

Next year's show has been scheduled for October 21 and 22.  PSMS will also
be having a table at the Northwest Garden Show at the Seattle Trade Center,
February 22-26, 1995.

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