FW: Manipulations with Filamentous Fungi

"David Brayford ", IMI D.BRAYFORD at CABI.org
Wed Dec 21 02:58:00 EST 1994

Erm, excuse me, but I certainly didn't write this:
Dave Brayford
To: mycology
Subject: Re: Manipulations with Filamentous Fungi
Date: 17 December 1994 3:35

In article <2EA3B0DF at smtp-gateway.cgnet.com>, D.BRAYFORD at CABI.org ("David
Brayford ", IMI) writes:

I work with Medical Mycology specimens.  We have found that they will
store quite well for years when some of the organism is placed in tubes of
sterile water.  Be sure to Parafilm the tubes, however, or the water will
evaporate over time.  I have subcultured from these tubes successfully
after 5 years.  Good luck!

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