dematiaceous fungi

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    Date: Fri, 23 Dec 94
    Date: Fri, 23 Dec 94 10:53:48 MST
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    Subject: Re: Dematiaceous fungi
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    >I have isolated a black, slow-growing mold from a patient's eye.  I have
    >been unable to get it to sporulate and therefore cannot ID it.  Have sent
    >it to the State Dept of Health...also unable to ID it.  Anyone able to
    >help please send E mail to:
    >Moldgrower at aol . com
    >Thanks in advance
    Hi! We would be very happy to assist you in the identification of this or
    any other Dematiaceous fungus, Our Boss, Jefe or Patron is an expert in the
    field of clinically important dematiaceous hyphomycetes= Dr Michael R McGinnis
    you can send the culture to his attention or to my attention at:
    Medical Mycology Research Laboratory
    Center for Tropical Diseases
    Department of Pathology
    University of Texas Medical Branch
    301 University Blvd
    Galveston, Texas  77555-0609
    Lester Pasarell
    ad727 at

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