Jurassic Pine Fungi

Steven Carpenter microbe at CSOS.ORST.EDU
Fri Dec 30 14:23:23 EST 1994

Is anyone out there planning to attempt a study of the fungi associated
with the new find of relict Araucarioids in Australia?

I would imagine that among numerous organisms associated with the
litter, that the fungi which are parasitic, saprophytic and mycorrhizal
with these trees would be potential targets of research.

In addition, one might be able to test hypotheses concerning evolution
of organisms that have adapted to single hosts over time.  There may
or may not be a component of the ancient fungal population that has
survived with the tree.  There may also be common fungi which have
adapted to decomposition of tree parts which have crowded out any
ancient fungi.  And there may be some kind of mix of both.

What a rich find for all biologists!

-Steve Carpenter
 Abbey Lane Laboratories
 microbe at csos.orst.edu

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