Agaricus Summary and Response

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This is a followup to my question about agaricus bisporus samples.

This agaricus mail was delivered accidently before I reviewed my  

The original text should be as:
I am interested in wild strains of Agaricus Bisporus from "unusual"  
and "faraway" places. It would be a nice addition to our culture  

Here is a summary of responses to my mail about obtaining agaricus  
"Nathan J. Wilson" <nathan at>
>I believe Rick Kerrigan who I believe is now
>at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver has 

>been collecting wild straings of A. bisporus

Rick Kerrigen started the Agaricus Resource Programme (ARP) at the  
University of Toronto. A number of Agaricus varieties are available  
in this collection. Rick Kerrigan moved from the Toronto to Sylvan  
Spawn a privately held company. The exp. station has access to the  
ARP collection.

In order to extend our collection even more I was asking about  
Agaricus bisporus samples.

Several Postings where made about commercial availability of Agaricus  

carterg1 at writes:
>Yes, Agaricus bisporus is the common white cultivated 

>button mushroom.

This is true. The popular commonly cultivated white mushroom is often  
agaricus bisporus. The popular bisporus strains Horst U1 and Horst U3  
(trademarks) were first made at the institute where I am working.

Because Agaricus Bisporus is commercially produced on such a huge  
scale it is (more or less) difficult to find new varieties that have  
not escaped from commercial practice.

Leo van Griensven
Mushroom Experimental Station

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