Moth Balls

Thu Feb 3 15:33:23 EST 1994

In <CKKvst.J7J at> hafe0004 at writes:

>   I've recently started working in a herbarium with the fungi. Moth
> balls are used in all of the cabinets. Does anyone know what effects
> they may have on a person in the short-term or long-term? Any
> information you have whether it is personal knowledge or knowledge of
> where I could find an answer is appreciated! Thank you!
> -jon haferman

I assume by your sig that you are in the U.S.  Hence you are subject to "Right
to Know" law that allow/require you to understand all the risks of working
around any chemical.

Ask your supervisor for the Matierial Saftey Data Sheet for those moth balls.
If he can't help you, see his boss or contact your institution's saftey dept.


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