Mushroom Spore Question

Cory M Wisnia cwisnia at
Fri Feb 4 13:01:32 EST 1994

	My name is Andrea Williams I am 13 years old and in eighth grade. 
I'm doing a project on mushrooms. I am mainly studying gilled mushrooms. 
I know that mushrooms are fungi that grow in the rainy season. I know a 
little more about mushrooms and their life cycle, but I do have a couple 
of questions.
* When are the spores released? 
* How are spores on mushrooms different?
* How do you tell the difference between types of spores?
* What are the different shapes and names? 
	 I would really appreciate any helpful info. you could get back 
to me!!!  I have been looking in books like "Mushrooms of American"  
Audubon's " Field Guide to North American Mushrooms"  and "All that Rain 
Promises and More",  but you don't understand the sections on how to tell 
spore differences.   Thanks a lot !
		Andrea Williams

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