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> I am interested in any fungal promoters made up of separate elements that lack
> promoter function when present alone, such as separate enhancer and TATA
> elements.   I'd be indebted to anyone who can inform me of these!  Martin L.
> Pall at alschroe at
Dear Dr. Pall, recently we have developed a fungal mini-promoter
based on sequences from the constitutively expressed Aspergilus
nidulans gpdA gene. This mini-promoter contains all sequences
necessary and sufficient for correct transcription initiation,
drives a significant but low level of basal activity and is not
effected by wide domain C- and N-control. Convenient cloning sites
(KpnI and NotI) are present upstream of the transcription initiation
sites. The promoter is followed by the reporter gene lacZ, and
contains the argB marker for fungal transformation, which makes this
vector suitable for the analysis of fungal upstream elements. Please
let me know if this suits you. The vector is freely available for non-
commercial use.

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