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Mon Feb 14 14:15:37 EST 1994

February 8, 1994


Hello.  My name is Rhea Rynearson. I'm an 8th grade student at Mendocino 
Middle School and I'm doing a science project on mold.   I have some  
questions that I have not been able to find the answers for in our local 
school library:

What are some  different kinds of useful molds other than for cheeses and 
penicillin which are well known?   

Why are some kinds of mold be deadly poisonous? What part of the body do 
they affect? 

What are some of the benefits from various molds besides blue cheese and 

Are there molds which are now being used for new drugs for important 

Is there an ftp site or gopher site where I can find more information,  
or a LISTSERVE that you know about?

You can e-mail me through my teacher Cory Wisnia, at 
cwisnia at

Thank you for getting this information for me.  I appreciate it very much.



NOTE FROM HER TEACHER:  Rhea  suffers from a severe reading and writing 
disability, even though she is a very bright person. Any assistance in 
her quest for information will be appreciated,  especially if written in 
as relatively easy to under stand manner.  Thanks --
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