Culturing a pathogen from host - ideas needed

P. Hirst PHirst at
Mon Feb 14 18:31:07 EST 1994

I'm trying to culture Dothistroma pini (a fungal pathogen) from Pinus
radiata needles.  It is a slow growing fungus which forms stromata in
the lesion it produces in the needle.  Isolation of the stromata results
in growth of other faster growing fungi present on the needle, and
antibiotic selection has not improved this at all (streptomycin and
dothistromin used so far).  I have also tried surface sterilising the
stromata with 10% sodium hypochlorite for 5 minutes before exposing the
inner mycelia, but this results in no growth of anything.  I plan to try
a variety of lower sterilisation concentration and times, but was
wondering if anyone has any experience/bright ideas of other techniques
I can try to isolate the fungus.

Thank you,
Paul Hirst.

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