Britt DJR4 at
Fri Feb 18 19:10:14 EST 1994

I tried to email, but no success........the info on morels is as follows:
we here at Penn State do alot of research on morchella and other mushrooms.
The process to cultivate morels is patented (3 of them actually).  The rights
to grow morels is owned by Neogen in Michigan, which is owned (but currently
for sale) by Dominos Pizza-------rumour has it that the strain they're growing
is starting to collapse................the process was invented by R.Ower while
 a masters student in SanFrancisco.  He then got his PhD at michigan state and
 then to Neogen.
If you want any reprints or more info, drop us a line, via email please, as  we
 check the net very infrequently!  We've published many articles on morchella
genetics, and I just submitted a manuscript for rDNA RFLP analysis of morels...
..........keep in touch, Britt............

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