Cercospora caricis

Dr PW Crous, Plantpatologie, Tel 4796 pwc at MATIES.SUN.AC.ZA
Mon Feb 21 04:59:32 EST 1994

Dear fellow mycologists
I am presently looking at Cercospora strains from Cyperus esculentus.  
According to literature about 4 species have been reported on Cyperus.  The 
current name usually accepted for the Cercospora species is C. caricis, 
which was originally described from Carex.  Although Cercospora specimens 
from Carex and Cyperus appear similar (see Mycologia 80: 418-421), they are 
different regarding their host specificity (determined via inoculation 
studies etc.).  I  have scanned the catalogues of IMI, CBS and ATCC.  No one 
seems to have any strains of Cercospora from Carex (a weed).  I was hoping 
that somewhere there may be some strains available in a private culture 
collection?  If this is the case, please e-mail me at PWC at maties.sun.ac.za
I can arrange for payment, or even swop other fungi if that should be your 
Pedro Crous

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