Lewis Melville lmelvill at uoguelph.ca
Mon Feb 21 16:27:25 EST 1994

	Has anyone seen any unidentified tubular structures
(ultrastructure) in ectomycorrhizal fungi? We find them in bundles which
appear as a cluster of 25-30 nm electron dense rings in cross-section, and
as stacks of long tubules in longitudinal section. They occur in the outer
mantle hyphae of several varieties of ecto fungi, and, when the sectioning
angle is appropriate, can run a considerable distance down the length of
the hypha. We are trying to give these things a name, but so far have had
no luck. We don't think they are artefacts, they're too large for
microtubules, probably not stacks of endoplasmic reticulum, and don't look
like plasmalemmasomes or lomasomes. Any ideas? 
     Lewis Melville. Guelph Mycorrhiza Group 
		     University of Guelph.   lmelvill at uoguelph.ca


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