Fungal Infection in Lungs, help me!!!

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Wed Feb 23 18:59:00 EST 1994

	I worked in a research lab for about two years.  About Feb. '93, I started to have some problems, so i went to a doctor.  After several doctors visits and uncovering that filters in my lab had not been changed for several years, I found out I had a fungal infection in my lungs.  

	I am not an expert on fungal infections.  How can such a thing be treated?  Currently, the university that I worked at has ignored my compaint and is not providing me with proper care.  My only choice is to try to get it taken care of myself.  What are the ramifications of having a fungal infection in one's lungs?  Are there any?  Any information that anyone out there might be able to give me would be greatly appreciated.

	Please respond via e-mail.

David Barley
dmbarley at

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