Fri Feb 25 19:45:20 EST 1994

Re: Ethunasia
 > 1) Do I have the right to die?
 > 2) Is choosing my death moral?
 > 3) Do others have right to my death?
 > 4) Is that moral?
 > I would be glad to get your ideas, thoughts, reflections, and comments.
 > Could someone also tell me if there are other appropriate groups for
 > such a topic.

Life is not a right, but an opportunity.  Becasue of this, you do not have the 
right to die but you can chose your death.  Just becasue you can, it dosn't
mean it is a right.  The morality of death is a large issue of disscussion. 
It depends on what you think.  The way peole are brought up and what relgion
they are play a large role in this.  Others do not have the right to kill you
and I don't believe it is moral unless you ask them to.  You might want to ask 
this in or alt.suicide.finals.

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