Author Citations

Nathan J. Wilson nathan at
Sat Jan 1 15:59:51 EST 1994

I am currently working on adding author citations to the species lists
we create at the Fungus Federation of Santa Cruz.  At this point I
have an initial list and would like to get any feedback I can.
Ideally, I would like to get feedback before our Fungus Fair which is
Jan. 8-9.  Please feel free to send this list to anyone who might be
able to provide more information or would just be interested in seeing
the list.

Taxons that need the most work are marked with at least one
of the characters '!', '?', or '='.  Verification or correction of the
other citations or comments on names no longer in use would, of
course, be welcome.

The following is a list of all species that I think *might* show up at
our fungus fair.  The list is all the species names I and the other
person in our group who is responsible for identification have ever
used.  The author citations given are mostly from the Harry Thiers
Herbarium at San Francisco State Univeristy.  When citations were
clearly wrong or seemed at all questionable to me, I tried to look the
taxon up in Singer's _The Agaricales in Modern Taxonomy_ (4th ed.,
1986), Phillips' _Mushrooms of North America_ (1991), and Imaeki,
Otani, & Hongo's _Fungi of Japan_ (1988).  Taxons for which I have no
author citation have a '!' following them.  Citations that I know are
wrong or are particularly unsure about are have a '?'.  Citations that
are different from the ones I found at SFSU have the SFSU version
followed by '=' and what I believe to be the correct citation.
Finally, I'm not completely sure of the various author abbreviations.
As a result I have expanded all the ones I was sure of.  Expansion of
any remaining abbreviations would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
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Agaricus albolutescens;Zeller
Agaricus arorae;Kerrigan
Agaricus arvensis;Fries
Agaricus augustus;Fries
Agaricus benesi;(Pilat) Singer
Agaricus bernardii;Quelet apud Cke. & Quelet
Agaricus bisporus;(Lange) Imbach
Agaricus bitorquis;(Quelet) Sacc.
Agaricus californicus;Peck
Agaricus campestris;Fries
Agaricus cupreobrunneus;(Schaeff. & Steer) Moell.
Agaricus fuscofibrillosus;(Moell.) Moell.
Agaricus fuscovelatus;Kerrigan
Agaricus hondensis;Murrill
Agaricus lilaceps;Zeller
Agaricus micromegathus;Peck
Agaricus osecanus;Pilat
Agaricus pattersonae;Peck
Agaricus perobscurus;Kerrigan
Agaricus praeclaresquamosus;Freeman
Agaricus semotus;Fries
Agaricus sequoiae;Kerrigan
Agaricus silvicola;(Vitt.) Peck
Agaricus subrutilescens;(Kauffman) Hotson & Stuntz
Agaricus xanthodermus;Genevier
Agrocybe pediades;(Fries) Fayod
Agrocybe praecox;(Fries) Fayod
Albatrellus caeruleoporus;(Peck) Pouz
Albatrellus ellisii;Berkeley
Albatrellus ovinus;(Schaeff. : Fries) Kotlaba & Pouzar
Albatrellus pescaprae;(Persoon : Fries) Pouzar
Alboleptonia sericella;(Fries) Largent & Benedict
Aleuria aurantia;(Persoon : Fries) Fuckel
Sowerbyella rhenana;Fuckel
Amanita baccata; = (Fries)Gillet ?
Amanita calyptrata;Peck
Amanita calyptratoides;Peck sensu P.Harding = Peck
Amanita constricta;Thiers & Ammirati
Amanita farinosa;Schweinitz
Amanita francheti;(Boud.) Fayod
Amanita gemmata;(Fries) Gillet
Amanita magniverrucata;Thiers & Ammirati
Amanita marginata;Jenkins
Amanita muscaria;(Linnaeus per Fries) Hooker = (Linnaeus : Fries) Hooker
Amanita ocreata;Peck
Amanita pachycolea;Stuntz in Thiers & Ammirati
Amanita pantherina;(Fries) Quelet
Amanita phalloides;(Fries) Secretan
Amanita rubescens;(Fries) S.F.Gray
Amanita silvicola;Kauffman
Amanita smithiana;Bas
Amanita vaginata;(Fries) Vitt.
Amanita velosa;Lloyd
Floccularia albolanaripes;(Peck) ? Who did transfer to Floccularia?
Armillaria gallica; = Marxmuller & Romagnesi
Armillaria mellea;(Fries) Karsten
Tricholoma olidum;(Thiers & Sundberg) ? Who did transfer to Tricholoma?
Astraeus hygrometricus;(Persoon) Morgan
Astraeus pteridis;Zeller
Auricularia auricula; = (Hook.) Underw.
Auriscalpium vulgare;(Fries) S.F.Gray
Baeospora myosura;(Fries) Singer
Battarrea phalloides;(Dicks.) Persoon
Bolbitius aleuriatus;(Fries) Singer
Bolbitius vitellinus;(Fries) Fries
Boletinellus merulioides;(Schweinitz) Murrill
Boletus aereus;Fries
Boletus albidus;! ? Aka B. "marshii" Arora.  Singer gives B. radicans Pers. ex Fr. sensu Kallenbach (B. albidus Rocqu)
Boletus amygdalinus;(Thiers) Thiers
Boletus appendiculatus;Fries
Boletus barrowsii;Thiers & Smith
Boletus calopus;Fries
Xerocomus chrysenteron;(Fries) = (Bull. : Fries) Quelet
Boletus citriniporus;Halling
Xerocomus dryophilus;(Thiers) = (Thiers) Singer
Boletus edulis;Fries
Boletus erythropus;(Fries) Persoon
Boletus flaviporus;Earle
Boletus mendocinensis;Thiers
Boletus mirabilis;Murrill
Chalciporus piperatoides;(Smith & Thiers) = Chalciporus piperatoides (Smith & Thiers) Singer
Chalciporus piperatus;(Fries) = (Bull. : Fries) Singer
Boletus pucherrimus;Thiers & Halling
Boletus regius;Krombh.
Boletus rubripes;Thiers
Boletus satanas;Lenz
Xerocomus subtomentosus;(Linnaeus : Fries) Quelet
Boletus subvelutipes;Peck
Xerocomus truncatus;(Singer, Snell & Dick) Pouzar
Xerocomus zelleri;Murrill
Bovista pila;Berkeley & Curtis
Bovista plumbea;Persoon
Brefeldia maxima;(Fries) Rost.
Bulgaria inquinans;Fries
Calbovista subsculpta;Morse
Calocera cornea;(Fries) Loudon
Calocera viscosa;(Fries) Fries
Calocybe carnea;(Bull. : Fries) Kuhner
Caloscypha fulgens;Boud.
Calvatia bovista;(Persoon) Kambly & Lee
Calvatia craniformis;(Schweinitz) Fries
Calvatia cyathiformis;(Bose) Morgan
Calvatia fumosa;Zeller
Calvatia gigantea;!
Calvatia sculpta;(Harkness) Lloyd
Camarophyllus borealis;(Peck) = (Peck) Murrill
Camarophyllus pratensis;(Fries) = (Pers. : Fries) : Kummer
Camarophyllus russocoriaceus;(Berkeley & Miller) = (Berkeley & Miller) Lange
Camarophyllus subviolaceus;(Peck) = (Peck) Singer
Cantharellus cibarius;Fries
Cantharellus infundibuliformis;Fries
Cantharellus subalbidus;Smith and Morse
Caulorhiza umbonata;(Peck) Lennox
Cheilymenia coprinaria;(Cooke) Boud.
Chlorophyllum molybdites;(Fries) Mass.
Chondrostereum purpureum;(Persoon : Fries) Pouzar
Chroogomphus pseudovinicolor;Miller
Chroogomphus rutilus;(Fries) Miller
Chroogomphus tomentosus;(Murrill) Miller
Chroogomphus vinicolor;(Peck) Miller
Clathrus ruber; = (Micheli) Persoon
Clavaria vermicularis;Fries
Clavariadelphus pistillaris;(Fries) Donk
Clavariadelphus truncatus;(Quelet) Donk
Clavulina amethystina; = (Fries) Donk
Clavulina cinerea;(Fries) Schroet.
Clavulina cristata;(Fries) Schroet.
Clavulina rugosa;(Fries) Schroet.
Clavulinopsis corniculata;(Fries) Corner
Clavulinopsis fusiformis;(Fries) Corner
Clavulinopsis laeticolor;B. & C.
Clitocybe brunneocephala;Bigelow
Clitocybe cyathiformis;(Fries) Kummer
Clitocybe dealbata;Fries
Clitocybe deceptiva;Bigelow
Clitocybe gibba;(Fries) Kummer
Clitocybe harperi;Murrill
Clitocybe inversa;(Fries) Quelet
Clitocybe nebularis;(Fries) Kummer
Clitocybe nuda;(Fries) Bigelow & Smith
Clitocybe odora;(Fries) Kummer
Clitocybe squamulosa;(Fries) Kummer
Clitocybe subconnexa;Murrill
Clitopilus prunulus;(Fries) Kummer
Collybia acervata;(Fries) Kummer
Collybia butyracea;(Fries) Quelet
Collybia dryophila;(Fries) Kummer
Collybia fuscopurpurea;(Persoon : Fries) Kummer
Conocybe lactea;(Lange) Metrod
Coprinus atramentarius;(Fries) Fries
Coprinus comatus;(Fries) S.F.Gray
Coprinus disseminatus;(Persoon : Fries) S.F.Gray
Coprinus domesticus; = (Bolt. : Fries) S.F.Gray
Coprinus ephemeroides; = (Bull. : Fries) Fries
Coprinus ephemerus;Fries
Coprinus lagopus;Fries
Coprinus micaceus;Fries
Coprinus niveus;(Fries) Fries
Coprinus plicatilis;(Fries) Fries
Coprinus radiatus; = (Desm.) Fries ? should this be Desm. : Fries?
Coprinus silvaticus;Peck
Cordyceps capitata;(Fries) Link
Cortinarius alboviolaceus;(Fries) Fries
Cortinarius balteatus;(Fries : Fries) Fries
Cortinarius cedretorum;Maire
Dermocybe cinnamomea;(Linnaeus : Fries) Moser
Cortinarius collinitus;Fries
Cortinarius cotoneus;Fries
Cortinarius croceofolius;Peck
Cortinarius crocolitus;Quelet
Cortinarius cylindripus;Kauffman
Cortinarius evernius;Fries
Cortinarius fulmineus;Fries
Cortinarius glaucopus;Fries
Cortinarius infractus;Fries
Cortinarius laniger;Fries
Cortinarius luteoarmillatus;!
Cortinarius magnivelatus;(Morse) Thiers & Smith
Cortinarius mucosus;(Fries) Kickx.
Cortinarius multiformis;Fries
Cortinarius obtusus;(Fries) Fries
Cortinarius percomis;Fries
Cortinarius phoeniceus;Maire
Cortinarius ponderosus;Smith
Cortinarius regalis;Smith & Rea
Cortinarius sanguineus;(Fries) S.F.Gray
Cortinarius scaurus;Fries
Cortinarius semisanguineus;(Fries) Gillet
Cortinarius traganus;(Fries) Fries
Cortinarius vanduzerensis;Smith & Trappe
Cortinarius verrucisporus;Thiers & Smith
Cortinarius violaceus;(Fries) Fries
Craterellus cinereus;(Fries) Quelet
Craterellus cornucopioides;Persoon
Craterellus fallax;A.H.Smith
Crepidotus herbarum;(Peck) Sacc.
Crepidotus mollis;(Fries) Staude
Crepidotus versutus;(Peck) Sacc.
Cryptoporus volvatus;(Peck) Shear
Cystoderma amianthinum;(Fries) Fayod
Cystoderma fallax;Smith & Singer
Dacrymyces palmatus;(Schweinitz) Bres.
Daldinia concentrica;(Bolt) Cesati & De Notaris
Daldinia grandis;Child
Discina apiculatula;McKnight
Discina perlata;(Fries) Fries
Entoloma lividum; = (Bull. : St.-Amans) Quelet ? (Bull.) Quelet ? E. sinuatum (Bull. : Fries) Kummer
Entoloma madidum;(Fries) Gillet
Entoloma nidorosum;(Fries) Quelet
Entoloma rhodopolium;(Fries) Kummer
Exidia glandulosa;Fries
Fistulina hepatica;(Schaeff.) ex Fries = Schaeff. : Fries
Flammulina velutipes;(Fries) Singer
Fomitopsis cajanderi;(Karst.) Aoshima
Fomitopsis pinicola;(Sw. : Fries) P. Karst.
Galerina autumnalis;(Peck) Smith & Singer
Galerina venenata;A.H.Smith
Ganoderma applanatum;(Persoon : Wallr.) Pat.
Gastroboletus subalpinus;Trappe & Thiers
Gautieria monticola;Harkness
Geastrum fimbriatum;Fries
Geastrum saccatum;Fries
Geoglossum glutinosum;Fries
Geoglossum nigritum;(Fries) Cooke
Geopora cooperi;Harkness
Geopyxis carbonaria;(A.&S. : Persoon) Sacc.
Geopyxis vulcanalis;(Peck) Sacc.
Gomphidius glutinosus;(Fries) Fries
Gomphidius oregonensis;Peck
Gomphidius smithii;Singer
Gomphidius subroseus;Kauffman
Gomphus bonarii;(Morse) Singer
Gomphus clavatus;S.F.Gray
Gomphus floccosus;(Schweinitz) Singer
Guepiniopsis alpina;(Tracy & Earle) McNabb
Gymnopilus luteocarneus;Hesler
Gymnopilus punctifolius;(Peck) Singer
Gymnopilus sapineus;(Fries) Maire
Gymnopilus spectabilis;(Fries) Singer
Gymnopilus ventricosus;(Earle) Hesler
Gyromitra californica;(Phillips) Imai
Gyromitra esculenta;(Persoon) Fries
Gyromitra gigas;(Krombh.) Quelet
Gyromitra infula;(Schaeff. : Fries) Quelet
Gyroporus castaneus;(Fries) Quelet
Hebeloma crustuliniforme;(St.Amans) Quelet
Hebeloma sinapizans;(Fries) Gillet
Helvella acetabulum;(Linnaeus ex St.Amans) Quelet = (Linnaeus : Fries) Quelet
Helvella compressa;(Snyder) Weber
Helvella crispa;Scop. : Fries
Helvella lacunosa;Afz. : Fries
Helvella maculata;Weber
Hemitrichia clavata;(Persoon) Rost.
Hericium abietis;(Weir ex Hubert) Harrison = (Weir) Harrison ?
Hericium erinaceum;(Fries) Persoon
Hericium ramosum;(Bull ex Merat) Letellier = (Merat) Letellier ? Banker
Heteroporus biennis;!
Hohenbuehelia petaloides;(Fries) Schulzer
Hydnangium carneum;Wallr.
Hydnellum aurantiacum;(Batsch : Fries) Karst.
Hydnellum caeruleum;(Horneman : Persoon) Karst.
Hydnellum peckii;Banker
Hydnum repandum;(Fries) S.F.Gray
Hydnum umbilicatum;Peck
Hygrocybe acutoconica;(Clements) Smith = (Clements in Woods) Singer ?
Hygrocybe calyptraeformis;Berkeley & Broome (Fayod) = (Berkeley & Broome) Fayod
Hygrocybe coccinea;(Fries) Fries = (Schaeff. : Fries) Kummer
Hygrocybe conica;(Fries) Fries = (Scop. : Fries) Kummer
Hygrocybe cuspidata;(Peck) = (Peck) Murrill
Hygrocybe flavescens;(Kauffman) Smith & Hesler = (Kauffman) Singer
Hygrocybe marginata;(Peck) = (Peck) ???
Hygrocybe miniata;(Fries) Fries = (Scop. : Fries) Kummer
Hygrocybe olivaceoniger; = (Orton) ???
Hygrocybe psittacina;(Fries) Fries = (Schaeff. : Fries) Wunsche
Hygrocybe punicea;(Fries) Fries = (Fries) Kummer
Hygrocybe virescens;(Hesler & Smith) = (Hesler & Smith) ???
Hygrophoropsis aurantiaca;(Wuef. : Fries) R. Maire
Hygrophoropsis olida;(Quelet) Metrod
Hygrophorus agathosmus;Fries
Hygrophorus bakerensis;Sm. & Hes.
Hygrophorus chrysodon;(Fries) Fries
Hygrophorus eburneus;(Fries) Fries
Hygrophorus erubescens;(Fries) Fries
Hygrophorus gliocyclus;Fries
Hygrophorus hypothejus;(Fries) Fries
Hygrophorus piceae;Kuhn & Romagn.
Hygrophorus pudorinus;(Fries) Fries
Hygrophorus purpurascens;(Alb. & Schw. : Fries) Fries
Hygrophorus roseibrunneus;Murrill
Hygrophorus russula;(Schaeff. : Fries) Quelet
Hygrophorus sordidus;Peck
Hymenogaster albus;(Klotzsch) Berkeley & Broome
Hypomyces chrysospermum;Tul.
Hypomyces lactifluorum;(Schweinitz) Tul.
Hysterangium fuscum;!
Hysterangium separabile;Zeller
Inocybe fastigiella;Atkinson
Inocybe flocculosa;(Berkeley) Sacc.
Inocybe geophylla;(Fries) Kummer
Inocybe hystrix;(Fries) Karst.
Inocybe lanuginosa;(Fries) Kummer
Inocybe lilacina;(Boud.) Kauffman
Inocybe maculata;Boud.
Inocybe pudica;Kuhn
Inocybe sororia;Kauffman
Inonotus tomentosus;!
Laccaria amethysteo-occidentalis;Mueller
Laccaria amethystina;(Hooker) Murrill
Laccaria bicolor;(Maire) P.D.Orton
Laccaria laccata;(Fries) Berkeley & Br.
Laccaria ochropurpurea;(Berkeley) Peck
Laccaria ohiensis;(Mont.) Sing.
Lactarius alnicola;Smith
Lactarius argillaceifolius;Hesler & Smith
Lactarius chrysorheus;Fries
Lactarius deliciosus;(Fries) S.F.Gray
Lactarius fragilis;Hesler & Smith
Lactarius glutigriseus;Wells & Kempton
Lactarius oculatus;(Peck) Burl.
Lactarius pseudomucidus;Hesler & Smith
Lactarius rubrilacteus;Hesler & Smith
Lactarius rufulus;Peck
Lactarius scrobiculatus;(Fries) Fries
Lactarius subdulcis;(Fries) S.F.Gray
Lactarius subvillosus;Hesler & Smith
Lactarius subviscidus;Hesler & Smith
Lactarius torminosus;(Fries) S.F.Gray
Lactarius uvidus;(Fries) Fries
Lactarius vinaceorufescens;Smith
Lactarius xanthogalactus;Peck
Laetiporus sulphureus;(Bull : Fries) Murrill
Leccinum armeniacum;Thiers
Leccinum constans;Thiers
Leccinum insigne;Smith, Thiers & Watling
Leccinum manzanitae;Thiers
Leccinum scabrum;S.F.Gray
Leccinum sp. (MD2 539 'aurantioscaber')
Lentinus ponderosus;Miller
Leotia lubrica;Fries
Leotia viscosa;Fries
Lepiota atrodisca;Zeller
Lepiota barsii;Zeller
Lepiota clypeolaria;(Fries) Kummer
Lepiota cristata;(Fries) Kummer
Lepiota decorata;Zeller
Lepiota flammeatincta;Kauffman
Lepiota josserandii;Bon. & Boiffard
Leucocoprinus cepaestipes;(Fries) Pat.
Leucocoprinus luteus;(Fries) Locquin
Leucoagaricus naucinus;(Fries) Singer
Lepiota rachodes;(Vitt.) Singer
Lepiota roseifolia;Murrill
Lepiota rubrotincta;Peck
Lepiota sequoiarum;Murrill
Leptonia aethiops;(Fries) Gillet sensu Hesler
Leptonia carnea;!
Leptonia gracilipes;Largent
Leptonia nigroviolacea
Leptonia parva;(PK) Largent = (Peck) Largent
Leptonia rectangula;!
Leptonia serrulata;(Fries) Kummer
Leucopaxillus albissimus;(Peck) Singer
Leucopaxillus gentianus;(Quelet) Kotlaba
Longula texensis;Zeller
Lycoperdon foetidum;Persoon
Lycoperdon perlatum;Persoon
Lycoperdon pyriforme;Schaeff.
Lycoperdon umbrinum;Persoon
Lyophyllum decastes;(Fries) Singer
Macrocystidia cucumis;(Fries) Heim
Macrotyphula juncea;(Fries) Berth.
Marasmiellus candidus;(Bolt.) Singer
Tretrapyrgos nigripes;(Schweinitz) Horak
Marasmius androsaceus;(Fries) Fries
Marasmius copelandi;Peck
Marasmius oreades;(Fries) Fries
Marasmius plicatulus;Peck
Melanoleuca evenosa;(Sacc.) Konrad
Melanoleuca graminicola;(Vel.) Kuhner & Maire
Melanoleuca melaleuca;(Fries) Murrill
Microglossum olivaceum;(Pers : Fries) Gillet
Microglossum viride;(Fries) Gillet
Morchella angusticeps;Peck
Morchella crassipes;(Vent.) Persoon
Morchella deliciosa;Fries
Morchella elata;Fries
Morchella esculenta;Persoon ex St.Amans = (Linnaeus : Fries) Persoon
Multiclavula mucida; = (Fries) Petersen
Mycena acicula;(Fries) Kummer
Mycena alcalina;(Fries) Quelet
Mycena capillaripes;Peck
Mycena capillaris;(Fries) Kummer
Mycena clavularis;(Fries) non Lange = (Fries) Sacc. (sensu Kuhner)
Mycena epipterygia;(Fries) S.F.Gray
Mycena galericulata;(Fries) S.F.Gray
Mycena haematopus;(Fries) Quelet
Mycena leptocephala;(Fries) Gillet
Mycena maculata;Karsten
Mycena murina;Murrill
Mycena occidentalis;(Murrill) Murrill
Mycena oregonensis;A.H.Smith
Mycena pura;(Fries) Quelet
Mycena purpureofusca;Peck
Mycena rorida;(Fries) Quelet
Mycena sanguinolenta;(Fries) Quelet
Mycena scabripes;Murrill
Mycena subsanguinolenta;A.H.Smith
Hypholoma aurantiaca;(Cooke) Gu. ex Sing = (Cooke) ???
Hypholoma capnoides;(Fries) Kummer
Hypholoma fasciculare;(Huds. : Fries) Kummer
Naucoria vinicolor;Peck
Nidula candida;Peck
Nidula niveotomentosa;(Henn.) Lloyd
Nolanea mammosa;(Fries) Quelet
Nolanea sericea;(Bull. ex Merat) Orton = (Merat) Orton ???
Nolanea staurospora;Bres.
Omphalina pyxidata;(Bull. : Fries) Quelet
Omphalotus olivascens;Bigelow, Miller & Thiers
Otidea alutacea;(Fries) Bres.
Otidea leporina;(Fries) Fuckel
Otidea onotica;(Fries) Fuckel
Panaeolus campanulatus;(Fries) Quelet
Panaeolus foenisecii;(Fries) Kuhner
Panaeolus semiovatus;(Fries) Lundell & Nannfeldt
Panus conchatus;(Fries) Fries
Panus rudis;Fries
Paxillus atrotomentosus;(Fries) Fries
Paxillus involutus;(Fries) Fries
Paxillus panuoides;(Fries) Fries
Peziza badia;Merat
Peziza praetervisa;Bresadola
Peziza proteana;(Boud.) Seaver
Peziza repanda;Persoon
Peziza sylvestris;(Boud.) Sacc.
Peziza vesiculosa;Bull. ex St.Amans
Peziza violacea;Persoon
Phaeocollybia californica;Smith
Phaeocollybia fallax;Smith
Phaeocollybia kauffmanii;(Smith) Singer
Phaeocollybia lilacifolia;Smith
Phaeocollybia olivacea;Smith
Phaeolus schweinitzii;(Fries) Pat.
Phallus impudicus;Persoon
Phellinus gilvus;(Schweinitz) Pat.
Phellinus pini;(Thore : Fries) Pilat
Phellodon atratus;K. Harrison
Pholiota aurivella;(Fries) Kummer
Pholiota highlandensis;(Peck) Smith & Hesler
Pholiota lubrica;(Fries) Singer
Pholiota malicola;(Kauffman) Smith
Pholiota mutabilis;(Schaeff. : Fries) Kummer
Pholiota squarrosa;(Fries) Kummer
Pholiota terrestris;Overholts
Pholiota velaglutinosa;Smith & Hesler
Phylloporus rhodoxanthus;(Schweinitz) Bres.
Phyllotopsis nidulans;(Fries) Singer
Pisolithus tinctorius;(Persoon) Coker & Couch
Pleurotus dryinus;(Persoon : Fries) Kummer
Pleurotus elongatipes;Peck
Pleurotus ostreatus;(Fries) Kummer
Pleurocybella porrigens;(Persoon : Fries) Sing.
Pluteus atromarginatus;(Konrad) Kuhner
Pluteus cervinus;(Fries) Kummer
Pluteus flavofuligineus;Murrill
Pluteus longistriatus;(Peck) Sacc.
Pluteus lutescens;(Fries) Bres.
Pluteus magnus;McClatchie
Pluteus petasatus;(Fries) Gillet
Polyozellus multiplex;(Underw.) Murrill
Polyporus badius;(Persoon ex S.F.Gray) Schweinitz = (Persoon) Schweinitz ?
Polyporus elegans;Fries
Polyporus hirtus;Quelet
Polyporus squamosus;(Huds.) ex Fries = Huds. : Fries ?
Poria corticola;!
Psathyrella candolleana;(Fries) Smith
Psathyrella hydrophila;(Fries) Smith
Psathyrella longipes;(Peck) Smith
Psathyrella velutina;(Fries) Singer
Pseudohydnum gelatinosum;(Fries) Karst
Psilocybe coprophila;(Fries) Kummer
Psilocybe cyanescens;Wakefield
Pulveroboletus ravenelii;(Berkeley & Curt.) Murrill
Pyronema omphalodes;(Bull. ex St.Amans) Fuckel = (Bulliard) Fuckel
Ramaria abietina; = (Persoon : Fries) Quelet
Ramaria araiospora;Marr & Stuntz
Ramaria botrytis;(Fries) Ricken
Ramaria fennica;!
Ramaria formosa;(Fries) Quelet
Ramaria fumigata;!
Ramaria magnipes;Marr & Stuntz
Ramaria myceliosa;(Peck) Corner
Ramaria rasilispora;Marr & Stuntz
Ramaria rubra;!
Ramaria rubripermanens;Marr & Stuntz
Ramaria sanguinea;(Coker) Corner
Ramaria stricta;(Fries) Quelet
Ramariopsis kunzei;(Fries) Donk
Rhizopogon cokeri;Smith
Rhizopogon ellenae;Smith
Rhizopogon ochraceorubens;Smith
Rhizopogon rubescens;(Tul.) Tulasne
Russula adusta;(Persoon : Fries) Fries
Russula albidula;Peck
Russula albonigra;(Krombh.) Fries
Russula alutacea;(Persoon : Fries) Fries
Russula brevipes;Peck
Russula brunneola;Burlingame
Russula cremoricolor;Earle
Russula cyanoxantha;Fries
Russula densifolia;(Secretan) Gillet
Russula fragrantissima;Romag.
Russula grisea;Fries
Russula integra;Fries
Russula maculata;!
Russula mairei;Singer
Russula nigricans;Fries
Russula placita;Burl.
Russula raoultii;Quelet
Russula rosacea;(Persoon ex) Gray
Russula sanguinea;Fries
Russula silvicola;Shaffer
Russula sororia;(Fries) Rommell
Russula subnigricans;Hongo
Russula xerampelina;(Secretan) Fries
Sarcodon fuscoindicus;(Harrison) Harrison
Sarcodon imbricatus;(Linnaeus) Karst.
Sarcodon laevigatus;!
Sarcodon scabrosus;(Fries) Karst.
Sarcoscypha coccinea;(Fries) Lambotte
Sarcosoma globosum;!
Sarcosoma latahensis;!
Sarcosoma mexicana;(Ellis & Holway) Paden & Tylutki
Sarcosphaera crassa;(Santi ex Stendl) Pouzar
Schizophyllum commune;Fries
Scleroderma cepa;Persoon
Scleroderma polyrhizon;Persoon
Scutellinia scutellata;(St.Amans) Lambotte
Sparassis crispa;Fries
Stereum hirsutum;(Willd. : Fries) S.F. Gray
Strobilurus trullisatus;(Murrill) Lennox
Stropharia ambigua;(Peck) Zeller
Stropharia coronilla;(Fries) Quelet
Stropharia riparia;!
Stropharia rugoso-annulata;Farlow
Stropharia semiglobata;(Fries) Quelet
Suillus brevipes;(Peck) Kuntze.
Suillus caerulescens;Smith & Thiers
Suillus fuscotomentosus;Thiers & Smith
Suillus granulatus;(Fries) Kuntze.
Suillus lakei;(Murrill) Smith & Thiers
Suillus ponderosus;Smith & Thiers
Suillus pseudobrevipes;Smith & Thiers
Suillus pungens;Thiers & Smith
Suillus tomentosus;(Kauffman) Singer
Thelephora palmata;Fries
Thelephora terrestris;Fries
Trametes hirsuta;!
Trametes versicolor;(Linnaeus : Fries) Pilat
Tremella foliacea;Fries
Tremella mesenterica;Fries
Tremellodendropsis tuberosa;(Frev.) Crawford
Trichaptum abietinum;(Dicks. : Fries) Ryv.
Trichoglossum hirsutum;(Fries) Boud.
Tricholoma aurantium;(Fries) Ricken
Tricholoma flavovirens;(Fries) Lundell
Tricholoma imbricatum;(Fries ex Fries) Kummer = (Fries : Fries) Kummer
Tricholoma magnivelare;(Peck) Redhead
Tricholoma manzanitae;Baroni & Ovrebo
Tricholoma myomyces;(Persoon) Lange
Tricholoma pardinum;Quelet
Tricholoma pessundatum;(Fries) Quelet
Tricholoma portentosum;(Fries) Quelet
Tricholoma resplendens;(Fries) Quelet
Tricholoma saponaceum;(Fries) Kummer
Tricholoma sejunctum;(Fries) Quelet
Tricholoma squarrulosum;Bres. sensu Kauffman = Bres.
Tricholoma terreum;(Fries) Kummer
Tricholoma virgatum;(Fries) Gillet
Tricholomopsis decora;(Fries) Singer
Tricholomopsis platyphylla;(Fries) Singer
Tricholomopsis rutilans;(Fries) Singer
Tubaria furfuracea;(Fries) Gillet
Tuber rufum;!
Tylopilus indecisus;(Peck) Murrill
Tylopilus pseudoscaber;(Secretan) Smith & Thiers
Tyromyces chioneus;(Fries) Karst.
Verpa bohemica;(Krombh.) Boud.
Verpa conica;Swartz ex Persoon = Swartz : Persoon
Volvariella speciosa;(Fries) Singer
Volvariella taylori;(Berkeley) Singer
Xeromphalina campanella;(Fries) Kuhner & Maire
Xeromphalina cauticinalis;(Fries) Kuhner & Maire
Xeromphalina fulvipes;(Murrill) A.H.Smith
Xylaria hypoxylon;Dumortier

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