Swimming cultures

Lee Snider rxs at news.fc.hp.com
Sun Jan 9 04:07:33 EST 1994

Marc T Alter (malter at magnus.acs.ohio-state.edu) wrote:

: I just opened up my cold storage of shiitake and oyster mushroom mycelium to 
: find my petri dishes filled with water, from condensation I assume.  I'm 
: wondering if anyone knows if this might have any ill effects on the viability 
: of the cultures.

: Thanks,
: Marc Alter

I had the same thing happen to some of my cultures of shitake mycelium
and it wasn't pretty. I tried to inoculate a few jars of sawdust/bran 
mixture an got a good start on a jar sized compost heap. I now seal the
petri dishes with a self sticking silicon based tape. (Made by 3M) 

Lee Snider

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