Mushroom prices

Cory M Wisnia cwisnia at
Tue Jan 11 12:30:13 EST 1994

My name is Stuart Hayter. I am in eighth grade and attend Mendocino 
Middle school. I am currently doing a science project about the market 
for north coast mushrooms and the demand for them.I know that Chantrelles 
usually sell for about 2.50 to 6.00$ a pound.I would like to know the 
average price given for Chantelles,  such as Yellow Feet,  Hedghogs, 
Matsutakis, Gambones (Boletus Edulis) and Cocolees. I'm using the slang 
names of these mushrooms because I am not familiar with some of their 
scientific names. If you could tell me which slang or common names go 
with the scientific names it would help a lot with getting pictures from 
books,  which I would like to put into  my report.  I would be very happy 
if you could send me this inf. You can send it to me by Cory Wisnia 
e-mail to cwisnia at

PS:  I am mostly interested in Northern California,  but would also be 
interested in the prices in other areas to compare. --
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