IMC 5 Accomodation

Tue Jul 19 13:36:49 EST 1994

Because a number of colleagues have asked me to enquire
about rooms at IMC, I today spoke to the UBC Conference
Centre.  Apparently, they sent out about 400 notifications,
mostly overseas, last Thursday (July 14).  So, presumably if
you have not yet heard about your accomodation at IMC,
you should be receiving information very soon.  If you need to
confirm the detailsd because of early departure, you can phone
the UBC Conference Centre registration desk at 604-822-
1010, or fax them at 604-822-1001.

Please bring this message to the attention of any of your
compatriots who do not use Email and may be concerned
about their  accomodation at IMC.

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