a possibly silly question

Heather Richards hrichards at TrentU.CA
Fri Jul 22 16:08:08 EST 1994

This may be a silly question but I thought I would ask anyway - better
than wasting time doing the impossible.
	Is it possible to key out VAM spores if they are not cross-sectioned?  
And if they have to be cross-sectioned (which I suspect they have to be), 
is there any particular methodology that is best suited for the VAM of 
sugar maple trees?  While doing presence/absence counts (and percentages 
of the amount of root tissue with mycorrhizae) of sugar maple roots I have
been seeing spores....but I've been doing counts using *longtitudinal*
segments of roots.
	Any advice/aid would be greatly appreciated by this "fungi-amateur".

	Heather Richards 

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