Almond Scented mushroom

Eric G. Snyder ae924 at FreeNet.Carleton.CA
Wed Jul 27 05:20:44 EST 1994

	Can anyone help with this?  Found near Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

In a previous article, ar416 at FreeNet.Carleton.CA (Doug Brubacher) says:
>A friend showed me a specimen found in a wooded area--it looks
>like a russula species perhaps (evenly spaced, white, attached
>gills, white stipe about 1 cm thick).  The cap is a golden brown
>colour and is dry.  The interesting thing is the odour--a strong, 
>pleasant scent of almonds (like Amareto).  Does anyone know what
>species might have such an odour?

	What color are the spores?

	About 20 years ago, in September, I picked about 10 pounds of
	a almond scented mushroom in Mississauga, Ont.  This one looked just
	like an agaricus and grew in a grassy area in Clarkson.  It had
	brown spores and I was able to find an "almond mushroom", 
	Psalliota micromegetha, in The Mushroom Handbook, 1967, which generally
	described it.  However, the Handbook says "...uncommon species
	found in Massachusetts, Michigan and a few other states."

	I ate it all and lived to talk about it!  I remember it being
	just excellent with a definite almond flavour.  But, it also had
	brown gills - not white.
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