growing edibles?

Mary Landman mlandman at CIE-2.UOREGON.EDU
Wed Jun 15 23:29:40 EST 1994

On 15 Jun 1994, Bruce M. Marshall wrote:

> I encountered a man several years ago at a farmers market in Virginia
> selling a very good mushroom that he was growing. He told me that he
> drilled holes in green oak logs and sprinkled spores in them and that
> was that. Does anyone know what these were and where I could get
> spores. More generally does anyone know where I can get information on
> growing mushrooms?
> Thanks, Bruce.

My guess is that it's probably Shiitake.  I'm doubtful that it was 
spores, more likely either inocculated wood spawn "dowels" that fit 
nicely into the holes drilled in the log or grain spawn.  I bought two 
shiitake logs that had been innoculated with grain spawn at our local 
Saturday Market for $5 each.  They produced a pretty good crop, and in 
about two months can produce another.  They last a few years, at least 
until all of the cellular structure of the oak log is used up.  I guess 
you can get spawn from Fungi Perfecti or Mushroompeople.

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