Patricia McDonagh au854 at FreeNet.Carleton.CA
Mon Jun 20 21:00:22 EST 1994

More food for thought on the topic of European Porcini.  The 
March issue of the Boston Mycological Club  Bulletin has an
interesting article on the ability of mycorrhizal mushrooms to 
concentrate minerals, including heavy metals.  Researchers 
studying the effects of Chernobyl found higher concentrations of
radioactive cesium and strontium byproducts in mushrooms than in
any other organisms.  And in parts of eastern Europe and 
Scandinavia it is advised that wild mushrooms be eaten only 
sparingly.  Also, a French study recommended a limit of 200-250
grams of some wild mushrooms (mostly Agaricus species) because of
dangerously high levels of cadmium.  So maybe those European 
mushrooms are not necessarily the best!

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