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Dear friends!

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    #6          16-JUN-1994 15:37:32.36                                     MAIL
        Our group of young researchers (Siberian Institute of Phisiology and
Biochemistry of Plants) want like to know about your research in field of
        Our Institute carries out study in the field of phisiology and ecolody o
siberian plants. I am a collaborater of Patology of Woody Plants Laboratory.
Laboratory investigates ecological problems of Siberia, especially of the Baikal
region. Also we are creating Ecology Data Base on forests of Baikal region. We
do some research on botanical and entomologycal themes and have exceptional
information of it.
        My objects are Baikal region macromycetes. I am going for mapping of it
and interested in fungi population of mountain region.
        I would like to get acguainted with your achivements in the feld of
micology and ecolody. If you don,t object, please, send me information. My
address:   E-mail:      maxp at
                        or maxp at

                                  Sincerely your
                                                           Tatyana Penzina

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    #6          16-JUN-1994 15:37:32.36                                     MAIL
Russia 664017, Irkutsk-17,
Geologov Str. 28a - 37,
Irkutsk, Russia, 664017

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